This is the end of the post from yesterday. I thought it was worth reposting separately:

States get matching funds from the federal government for every support order they issue; therefore there is an built-in economic incentive against family reconciliation and against shared custody and an economic incentive for sole physical custody.

Presumption of guilt is on the man. If the woman makes any type of emotional or physical abuse claim, the man will be removed from his home and children.

Nine out of ten times the children are given to the woman, no matter how good the man is.

If you fall behind in child support $2500, your passport is denied.

If you fall behind in child support $2500, you drivers license is revoked.

If you are behind and miss payments, you can go to jail for contempt of court.

If you have a history of falling behind on payments, you can be placed in prison.

Because you are in jail does not mean child support payments stop; on the contrary, child support payments continue and arrears continue to build.

In many states, interest is added to arrears at the rate of 10 percent per year.

If you lose your job and get a lesser paying job, the child support agencies will do their best to try to keep the payments the same.

Employers frown on wage garnishment; it is more work for them and they are less likely to hire a divorced man and more likely to exploit one because they know he is desperate.

As your children are stripped away from you and the relationship severed, you will be accused of abandoning your children.

If you have arrears, a child support lien will be placed on your credit report which comes up on background checks rendering you much less employable.

Any type of depression or despondency is used against the man to further remove him from his children, causing yet more depression and despondency.

Non-custodial parents (men) are around three times as likely to commit suicide then the rest of the population.

Men are not entitled to a lawyer in a failure to pay child support court hearing.

50,000 men are in jail or prison every day for child support arrears.

Ever wonder why there are so many homeless men? Do your own street interviews. Ask random homeless men if they ever went through a divorce or the child support system.




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