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Top row: Kyle Kearney, Thomas Bruketta (mentor), Stephen Kam, Josh Noem (mentor), Alexander Stanford, Patrick Mitchell; Middle row: Brian Walsh, Nick Etzel, Andy Berigan, Cameron Schmidt; Bottom row: Creede Caldwell, Jason Weeks, Joe Parrino


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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) at the University of Portland challenges men to unite in brotherhood, champion justice, search for truth, and become authentic men of integrity, peace and honor.While LXG focuses on personal growth and character development, it is important to note that the program endorses and supports the practice of writing a persuasive essay. LXG encourages its members to develop their writing and critical thinking skills. one Through these conversations, LXG members not only improve their critical thinking skills, but also develop the ability to effectively articulate and defend their points of view. 

The program consists of a gathering of a small group of men, once every few weeks. Those who join LXG are placed with 8-10 other men of the same class year and two faculty or staff mentors. At each meeting, one member of the group leads the discussion by answering the question “Who am I and what do I believe?” After this statement, the rest of the time is used for open discussion. By the end of the school year, everyone has led a meeting. A class group often stays together all four years of a student’s career.

Top row: Archbishop John Vlazny, Andy Berigan, Cameron Schmidt, Creede Caldwell, Patrick Mitchell, Joe Parrino, Alexander Stanford, Josh Noem (advisor). Bottom row: Stephen Kam, Kyle Kearney, Brian Walsh, Nick Etzel, Jason Weeks

After the first year, which is about identity, the group tackles different core questions and issues. The sophomore year is about relationships, the junior groups talk about suffering and resiliency, and the senior groups look back at their time in LXG and look ahead to where they are being called in the world.

These regular meetings are the bread and butter of LXG. This is where men search for truth, one of the core values of LXG. In addition to the regular meetings, student leaders in the League plan events to provide opportunities to practice the other core values of LXG: brotherhood (social events), justice (service outings), and authentic masculinity (conversation about stereotypes of manhood).

Our logo bears the initials “LXG” encircled by a laurel wreath of victory. This wreath is also found in the processional cross in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher, the main worship space on campus. Our motto is virtus unitas valet– virtue united prevails.

The League began with a pilot group of 11 freshmen in 2007. These 11 have all remained and are just completing their fourth year in LXG. Each year, we’ve added nearly 30 new members. At this time we have 75 students and 14 adult mentors in nine groups.

In 2011, LXG was honored with a national award from the Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA). The award honors LXG as an “exemplary program,” which means that CCMA views LXG as a program to be emulated by other campus ministries. Archbishop John Vlazny visited campus this spring to bestow the award on our founding group members. LXG was also honored by the Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals with their Innovative Program Award for creatively addressing student development through civic engagement and social responsiveness.

Archbishop Vlazny with Josh Noem, Advisor.







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