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The Men’s Group at Springfield College Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of this student organization shall be the “The Men’s Group at Springfield College.”

Article II: Purpose

  • The Men’s Group at Springfield College provides a respectful and affirming environment for students to discuss and explore with one another what it means to be a man in our society.
  • This group offers a needed community for men to encourage one another to succeed as scholars and citizens.
  • In their attempts at finding new, male-oriented ways of succeeding, men from all social backgrounds would also be supported by a faculty advisor and other male-positive scholars; those who support the goal of affirming different embodied masculinities and enabling boys’ and men’s attempts at living meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Article III: Membership

Any student of Springfield College shall be eligible for membership in The Men’s Group at Springfield College.

Article IV: Officers

The officers of the The Men’s Group at Springfield College shall be the President, The Vice-President, and the Coordinator.

Article V: Governing Body

The President, The Vice-President, and the Coordinator will constitute the Executive Board of the Men’s Group.

Article VI: Meetings

The Men’s Group shall meet once every calendar month during the academic year; more frequent meetings may be held.

Article VII: Quorum

The quorum shall be thirty percent of members plus one in order to conduct the business of the Men’s Group at Springfield College.

Article VIII: Elections

Elections of all Executive Board members shall take place prior to the annual Allocations Interview Process established by the SGA and results shall be communicated to the Vice President for Student Organizations and the Office of Student Activities and Campus Programs.

Article IX: Amendments

  1. All amendments must be approved by a positive vote of at least two-thirds of the full membership of the student organization.
  2. All amendments must be proposed and discussed at one meeting; voting on approval must occur at a subsequent meeting.


  • The Men’s Group at Springfield College is a male-positive group; therefore, all meetings and business done by the group shall comply with the following stipulations:
    • We shall examine critically—but with a positive attitude—the assumptions informing constructions of masculinities in our society.
    • We shall investigate and try to remedy social injustice that marginalizes men.
    • We shall resist depictions of men as essentially or typically pathological.
    • We shall challenge any ridiculous and misandrous treatment of men.
    • We shall explore possible community outreach opportunities available on campus and at similar programs at colleges and universities throughout the United States.
Springfield College Men’s Group Awards for 2014

The Award for Distinguished Service to the College Community: Peter Baranski

The Award for Distinguished Service to the Men’s Group: Mike DeMille

The Awards for Men’s Social-Justice Advocate of the Year: Jonathan Zirna and Richard Geiger

The Awards for Male-Positive Role Model: Bay Tangney and Nick Sienkiewicz


Present at our final meeting for the academic year were (from left to right):  Daniel J. Patane, Peter Baranski, Mike DeMille, Josh Altman, and Nick Sienkiewicz.
2012-2013 Springfield College Men’s Group Dinner


Academic Year 2011-12

Kevin Poniatoski and Ryan Coburn


Academic Year 2011-2012

Anthony di Bona and Anthony Chinn

John Hanks and Jared Slingerland

Professor Dennis Gouws, Faculty Mentor


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