Wagner College (USA)

Man and Tree

This is the flagship institution of higher learning working to foster the establishment of a men’s center at every college and university in the United States. The importance of such groups is now well understood.

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Fall Retreat 2011

The Fall 2011 retreat was held November 4-6, in Tivoli, New York.

Back row: Nim Philippe, Doug Donato, Zach Weinsteiger, Anthony Nasti, Patrick Bethel, Taylor Hilliard, Jeff Gueorguiev. Front: Tony Rafetto.

Zach Weinsteiger

Along the Stream

Jeff Gueorguiev

Around the Fire

Anthony Nasti


Fall Retreat 2010

The Setting

JP Messina, Rob Boggess, Kyle Glover

Michael Martin, Rob Boggess, JP Messina, Doug Donato, Kyle Glover

JP Messina at the Spring Retreat 2010

Jon Badiali at the 2010 Retreat

Taylor Hilliard at the Spring 2010 Retreat

Andy Hager

Jason Bevilaqua at the Spring 2010 Retreat

Michael Martin, JP Messina, Tony Rafetto

Ashraf Hasham

Ashraf Hassan, Tony Rafetto, Michael Martin

Group Dinner

Ready to Head Back to Wagner



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